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"...if it was to do it again, I will do it exactly the same way." - extract from: Behind the scenes

Business advisor with experience in marketing, growth, project management and corporate communications.

After endless challenges and periods of high uncertainty, one day, everything became clear. I knew I was better than what I have been told and that others opinions do not reflect my capabilities and aspirations. Always aiming to improve myself, I started to get involved in various projects aiming to experiment and learn through reflection. My goal was to find out what I want to do and what I could succeed in.

What I realised is that there is no particular position to be claimed as "for me". I am deeply passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, especially around corporate social responsibility, and I use the knowledge and experience aquired over years to connect dots and people in coming up with "out of the box" solutions for challenging situations. I am eager to take on new challenges and stretch my imagination as I continue to develop a deeper understanding of the business environment.

The most relevant keywords describing my areas of interest and expertise are: entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, graphic design, business consultancy, growth, business development and strategy, corporate communications, project management, events management, coaching, KPI analysis, CRM, product development and education.

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Dennis G. Lucan
22 February
Hyde Park Mansions, Cabbell Street, London

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My skills.

"Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment." - Zig Ziglar

We learn something new from every person we meet.

Being surrounded by hard working and inspiring people during my time at Westminster Business School, I sought to learn as much as possible from them and apply the knowledge in personal endeavours.

The skills mentioned are and have been practiced in both, academic and real work environment.

The analysis is based on the recommendations received on the Work experience page and on the results of the Potential.ly personality test. For a comprehensive report, please send me an email.

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  • Leadership


    4 years

  • Innovation


    3 years

  • Project Management


    3 years

  • Communication


    4 years

  • Entrepreneurship


    2 years

Management skills

83 %


90 %

Time Management

80 %


83 %

People skills

Technical skills


  • English

    speak - read - write

  • Romanian

    speak - read - write

  • Italian

    Mamma mia!

  • French

    Je ne compris pas

Work experience.

Love what you do and do what you love with passion.


Years of experience


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Students engaged

4 times


Dr. Ioannis P Christodoulou

Senior Lecturer in Business Strategy, Senior Fellow of the HEA of the UK, Track co-chair of Strategy for the BAM - Westminster Business School

Dear Colleague(s),

My name is Dr. Ioannis P. Christodoulou and I am a Senior Lecturer in Westminster University. As a lecturer, my major modules are Strategic Management (MBA) and Strategic Perspectives (3rd Year UG - year long). As a student Dennis has fully attended the Strategic Perspectives module. I know the candidate since September 2015. During this period I have an excellent impression of his academic skills.

He has carried out every single of his academic obligation with great effectiveness. That means that the projects, assignments and solutions to ample case studies that he handed over to me, were characterized by a top level of performance. Additionally, his efficiency in written examination tests and presentations are correspondingly indicative for his high level of competence in written and oral communication skills.

As far as his academic performance is concerned, I have not detected any drawbacks that hinder his efficiency. He is quite active and proactive. For example, he grasp every opportunity to participate in entrepreneurial and business simulation competition, always performing very well. I consider him a thoughtful and persistent student, a good example of a potential successful business man. Dennis is also a serial entrepreneur and an active business social citizen that makes him truly a star candidate for any future position. His greatest abilities are adaptation, ethos and hard work.

He is also characterized by certain personality traits and exceptional abilities, which distinguish him from his fellow students in the department. One of the applicant's most basic advantages is surely his intellectual ability. Through direct conversations with the candidate, I came in touch with his pattern of thinking and his way of conception.

He is quite hard working, mature, really committed to every academic obligation and able to meet his goals within the prescribed deadlines. He seems to perceive every difficulty as a creative challenge, from which he can absorb invaluable information and experience. Moreover, he displays a quite active and energetic participation in my course, which, in my opinion, supplied him with even more precious theoretical and practical knowledge, since he excelled in every assignment, case study and practical work.

It is also important to mention, that, since most of the academic projects and assignments he was assigned to do, demanded team work, the applicant seems to be highly competent in setting and organising a group. That is one of his most profound features and what I feel will guide him to the top of his ambitions. Consequently, I highly recommend Mr. Dennis G. Lucan. The particular candidate has a lot of potential and a challenging environment will certainly extend his capabilities to the maximum. Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

Johnny Luk

Former CEO - NACUE

Dennis is a charismatic, likeable and determined entrepreneur. He has always been so positive with my interactions and it was clear he wants to make things happen. A true role model for his generation and a bright future ahead!

David Trayford

Owner - Wow Media Ltd

Dennis has attended several talks and workshops I have given and has always been one, if not the, most engaged participants. He brings a deep dedication to everything he is involved with so if you get the chance to work with him do so!

Gary Turner

Learning and Development Manager - BT Wholesale and Ventures

I have been working with Dennis over the past 12-18 months part of BT Fleet's support for Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC and have find Dennis a delight to work with. His communication is excellent and organisational skills are second to none. He is very organised and well planned.

Lady Sorrell OBE

Chancellor - University of Westminster

Dennis was one of the hardest working, most motivated students I have ever met at the University of Westminster. He gave 100% to everything he did, whether in business or supporting a good cause, and I wish him luck in all his future endeavours.

Bill Templeton

Senior Programme Manager - Network Rail

I have known Dennis for the last 12 months as part of the team that has planned and implemented the opening of the Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC. It has been a pleasure to work with an individual as enthusiastic, committed and proactive as Dennis, particularly given that his services were provided pro-bono to the project for a significant proportion of this time whilst he completed his studies in Business Management (Entrepreneurship) at the University of Westminster. Dennis's efforts have now secured him the well-deserved role of Marketing and Engagement Coordinator for the UTC, a vital role in securing the future pipeline of student applicants to the UTC. The criticality of this role is an indication of the trust and confidence that the management team has in Dennis to deliver results in whatever he takes on. His creativity, confidence to innovate, and persuasive good nature is a powerful combination which enables him to get things done and take people with him. I would recommend Dennis as a valuable member of any project team, particularly if your focus is on generating novel solutions with practical application.

Francis Mulleady

Senior Lecturer in International Business Strategy, Senior Fellow of the HEA of the UK - Westminster Business School

Dennis is an exceptional graduate. He managed to achieve a distinction in his business degree whilst undertaking many extra-curricular responsibilities in professional and voluntary roles. He possesses excellent time management skills, a work ethic beyond most of his peers and an incisive intellect. Dennis has not only learnt a lot from his degree and work experience to date. He has learnt to manage himself and others and demonstrate an entepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindset in start-ups and business development. Finally, Dennis is also a highly driven auto-didact who has taught himself advanced skills in graphic design & layout, digital & marketing communications, web analytics, Microsoft Office applications and customer relationship management strategy. I would highly recommend anyone to let Dennis showcase his capabilities and comprehensive skill-set. They will not only achieve results working with him but also excellent value for money that many agencies and consultancies charge exorbitant fees for.

Howard Deighton

Apprenticeship Program Manager - Alstom Transport UK Ltd

As part of Alstom's support for the development of the SSM Westminster UTC - I have been working directly with Dennis on a number of activities and events over the last year or so. I have been very impressed with his organisational skills and ability to communicate with people at every level. Further to this I have seen Dennis go far above and beyond what would be considered his duties in relation to the UTC. Highly recommended!

Ben Anderson

Community Manager - Landsec

Dennis is a consummate professional in all aspects of his work. Over the last year I have collaborated closely with him on the launch of the Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College - during this time he has proven himself to be creative, organised and thorough.

Phil Scullion

Account Director - Westminster City Council

I've worked with Dennis over the last year, due to his role for the Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC. During that time he has shown a real desire to make a difference to an important project, which has no doubt taken up a significant amount of his time. He has always been a pleasure to work with and I have little doubt that he will go on to many further successes.

Sally Dagli

Mayor’s Entrepreneur Programme Manager - Greater London Authority

Dennis was a finalist in the Mayor’s Entrepreneur in 2015 and then an intern in 2016. He is very passionate about entrepreneurship and is very good at inspiring other students. During his time as an intern Dennis was very hard working and demonstrated great organisational and communication skills which were key for the role.

Mike Finn

Vice Principal - Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC

I have worked with Dennis for 12 months as his senior line manager for marketing and engagement at our brand new University Technical College (UTC). Dennis is an entirely committed, enthusiastic and driven employee, and he has played an instrumental role in setting up a brand new UTC.

Dennis was able to work alongside the leadership team to ensure we reached the viability targets as stipulated by the Department for Education. Without hitting these recruitment targets, the UTC would have not opened. Dennis works alongside our first class alliance of employer partners to ensure effective engagement with the UTC. The partners have welcomed his innovative ideas and analytical abilities. He embraces entrepreneurship, and helps to inspire our students undertaking the Young Enterprise programme.

Dennis has effectively used multimedia channels to target the market of parents and students. He has organised outstanding open events as well as leading on the management of our extensive external exhibitions, such as our stand the annual ‘Skills London’ event and the ‘National Careers Guidance show’.


"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice." - Brian Herbert

  • 2014 2017

    University of Westminster, BA - First Class Honours

    I had numerous amazing moments whilst studying Business Management (Entrepreneurship) at Westminster, from getting involved in projects I was passionate about, like The Great Start Project, to participating and going through the final stage in business competitions such as the IBM University Business Challenge, Hult Prize, Mayor's Entrepreneur competition and NACUE Big Business Ideas. What really made a difference was collaborating with students from other departments, like architecture, on personal and academic projects.

    Dissertation topic: Corporate Social Responsibility

    • The list of modules studied:

        BBUS401 - Perspectives on Organisations

        BBUS402 - Principles of Marketing

        BBUS403 - Financial Information

        BHRM401 - The Role of the Manager

        BKEY401 - Professional Competences

        BKEY402 - Business Context

        BBUS501 - Financial & Human Resource Management in Organisations

        BBUS502 - Making Management Decisions

        BBUS503 - Value Creation for Customers

        BFBL513 - Social Enterprise

        BKEY501 - Business Research and Professional Practice

        BLDE502 - Entrepreneurial Leadership

        BMKT510 - Developing Practical Entrepreneurial Ideas

        BBIM613 - Online Social Entrepreneurship

        BBUS601 - Strategic Perspectives

        BMKT614 - Entrepreneurship Project

        BMKT615 - Entrepreneurship Theory to Practice

  • 2010 2014

    National College Augustus Treboniu Laurian - 7.73

    Baccalaureate diploma in Social Sciences having undertaken the following exams:

    Romanian Language and Literature



  • 2002 2010

    School 11, BT, Ro



"Your comfort zone keeps expanding every time you get out of your comfort zone." - Mo Seetubtim

Square Placeholder


Low Carbon Entrepreneur


Square Placeholder

Regional Finalist

Hult Prize International


Square Placeholder


Mayor's Entrepreneur


Square Placeholder


The 125 Fund

Square Placeholder

Regional Finalist

IBM University Business Challenge

Square Placeholder


Bloomberg Institute

Square Placeholder

Super FAN

The Great Start Project

Square Placeholder


Plagiarism Awareness

Square Placeholder



Square Placeholder

Senior Consultant


Square Placeholder


2010 - 2013


“The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do." – Ben Phillips

  • Coaching personal achievement

    14th November 2017

    On 14th November, the Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC Young Enterprise team that I coach won £300 in seed investment from the University of Westminster. So proud to see my students work hard and succeed in making their business ideas real. Looking forward to working with them in the coming year.

  • Mush+ held an assembly for the 6th Form of St Augustine's CE Highschool

    14th November 2017

    Part of Westminster Enterprise Week, Mush+ was invited to St Augustine's CE High School to hold an assembly for their 6th Form. I was very impressed with the determination of their students to succeed in life and to start their own ventures and it is always a pleasure to support and work with the Westminster City Council. Following the assembly, I shared my thoughts with the organisers of the event for distribution:

    “It is important for students to be introduced to entrepreneurship from an early age. We are seeing many successful companies nowadays being ran by young boys and girls, providing employment opportunities for other students and working professionals. I am very happy to see a high interest in entrepreneurship at St Augustine’s School and I am confident that, with the support of staff members and the senior leadership, students will thrive and develop businesses whilst being in College.”

  • Supporting Haringey Council with a free workshop for retailers

    13th November 2017

    It was a pleasure to support the Haringey Council with a workshop for retailers, part of the Global Entrepreneursip Week. The Council aims to develop its local network of entrepreneurs through a series of training workshops, made to address common issues experienced in the entrepreneurial Journey. DGL Group was honoured to be included in the programme and meet the local entrepreneurs during an afternoon of brainstorming and problem solving in a local venue. Our partner, Slava Baranovskiy from Eligent, offered a training workshop as well on the topic of "How to build a tech start-up".

  • Eligent case study filming of Mush+

    22nd October 2017

    Eligent management software is the tool we are using in running Mush+ and DGL Group. It is a clever task management and file storage tool that allows founders to distribute information with their team and keep on top of their daily activities.

    It has been a great pleasure for us to be featured as a successful user of their software. The final video will be released soon on their website here.

  • Release of the Dennis G. Lucan website

    12th October 2017

    After months of work, I am launching a personal website to better connect with people and offer a source of inspiration for the young generation. Everything is possible as long as you are passionate and motivated!

    I must specify that coding is not my first language and this is my first ever swing at HTML and CS5. Hope you enjoy it and come back for more.

  • Mush+ participated in the Varsity Pitch competition by NACUE

    10th October 2017

    I am overwhelmed by the support received in the promotion campaign for Mush+ and would like to thank everyone! You are real stars and nothing would be possible without you.

    With love,

  • Featured on The Regeneration blog

    9th October 2017

    ...“Firstly, take a few days off and please stop and reflect. Find a comprehensive answer to the questions: “Who am I?”, “What is my current position in life?”, “What do I enjoy doing most?”, “What are my strengths?” and last, but not least, “What do I want for myself and where do I see myself doing?”...

  • Official Mush+ incorporation

    30th August 2017

  • Published the "Behind the scenes" article

    3rd August 2017

    Three years after starting University I feel like I should share something with you that does not seem so obvious and that only maybe 5% of you already know...

  • Appointed Marketing and Engagement Coordinator

    1st August 2017

    After working for one year as a Project Officer for Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC, I decided to support the project further by concetrating my focus on the marketing, branding, student recruitment, communication and employer engagement of the UTC. The Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC is an amazing initiative enabling students to gain valuable project and work experience by collaborating directly with top tier companies from the construction and trasport industry.

  • Mush+ website launch

    25th July 2017

    We launched the first version of our website. Check us out here!

  • Mush+ video launch

    18th July 2017

    We launched the promotional video for Mush+ and registered for the Varsity Pitch.

  • Attended the 4th Meeting of the Construction Blockchain Consortium

    14th July 2017

    At the Principal's invitation, I attended the 4th Meeting of the Construction Blockchain Consortium on the topic of "How disruptive technologies are transforming the built environment". A topic aligned with my interest in the use of IoT to improve the efficacy of organisations and industries.

  • Article published after speaking at the Westminster Higher Education Forum

    12th July 2017

    After being a speaker at the keynote seminar organised by the Higher Education Forum around the topic of "Developing student and graduate entrepreneurship - enterprise in the curriculum, targeted support and the growing role for social enterprise" and chaired by Lord Bilimoria, the University of Westminster received a transcript of the speech and a copy of the article I wrote for distribution.

  • Graduation day

    11th July 2017

    After spending three amazing year at the University of Westminster, I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Business Management (Entrepreneurship). Such an honour to be mentioned in the Dean's speech at the graduation ceremony.

  • DGL|group stepping stone

    2nd July 2017

    The DGL Group was created and behind the scenes work began to bring it to reality.

  • Speaker at the Westminster Higher Education Forum

    27th June 2017

    Honoured to be invited as a speaker and join the panel discussion at a keynote seminar chaired by Lord Bilimoria and Baroness Howells of St Davids organised by the Westminster Higher Education Forum around the topic of entrepreneurship. Gave my input and recommendations about the support received by entrepreneurs during their studies and hope to inspire change and improvements across the Higher Education sector in Britain.

  • Attended the TEDx Talk on Confidence

    4th June 2017

    Amazing talk organised by TEDx London around the topic of Confidence. Many thanks to the City Hall and Citi Group for the opportunity.

  • 2nd Place at Westminster Big Business Ideas

    1st June 2017

    Proud to announce that Mush+ reached second place in the Big Business Ideas competition organised by NACUE at Westminster Business School - University of Westminster and secured another round of seed funding.

  • Version 2.5 of Mush+

    1st June 2017

    An impressive prototype came into existance ready for the Westminster Big Business ideas Competition. Really love the way this prototype developed over the past week. Can you believe those are growing out of coffee waste?

  • Westminster Pop Up Festival

    31st March 2017

    As part of the entrepreneurship course, we organised a Pop Up Festival in the Marylebone campus. Mush+ was present at the festival with a stand showcasing the version 2.0 of Mush+ and selling the first ever kits to the public. Margaret Mountford, the former judge of the Apprentice was the Guest of Honour for the festival and a real pleasure to share ideas with.

  • 3rd place in London at the IBM UBC

    14th March 2017

    Team MG28: From left to right, Felix O. Buluku, Helsio Perestrelo, Jonathan D. Moore, Dennis G. Lucan and Radu Andrei Such an amazing time spent with close friends at the IBM University Business Challenge. We finished the competition in top 3 in London out of hundreds of teams and tens of Universities in Britain.

  • Attended the Student Enterprise Conference

    11th March 2017 - Lincoln

    Brilliant opportunity to network and meet like-minded students and entrepreneurs over a weekend of networking. Had a great time to catch up with David Trayford, the owner of WOW Media.

  • Article published about the IBM UBC Team

    6th March 2017

    The University Business Challenge is a business simulated competition focused on developing employability and enterprise skills. Two teams from Westminster Business School have successfully made it to the semi-finals of the University Business Challenge. We wanted to get to know more about one of the semi-finalists “MG28”.

  • 125 Fund Award Ceremony

    3rd March 2017

    A big congratulations to the University of Westminster Alumni Association for an outstanding event and a massive thank you to all the people that contributed to this amazing initiative, allowing students to bring their projects into reality.

  • BBC Interview about Theresa May's Brexit speech

    17th January 2017

    Gave my opinion on Theresa May's speech about the Brexit strategy in a BBC interview for their Snapchat story.

  • Article published about the Mayor of London's Internship

    19th December 2016

    "Dennis G. Lucan, current Business Management, Entrepreneurship student won one of 15 places at City Hall as a Mayor’s Entrepreneur Intern. Earlier this year Dennis G. Lucan, along with a team of students from the Westminster Business School, entered The Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur competition with his business idea MUSH+ - a system to reuse coffee waste to create microenvironments to grow mushrooms. Dennis got to the final ten in the competition fending off 300 entrepreneurs and was invited to pitch his idea at City Hall."

  • Radio interview for VIVA FM

    15th December 2016

    Sharing my journey and the steps I followed since moving to Britain in a radio interview for VIVA FM. You can listen to the hour long broadcast here.

  • Reaching the semi-final in the IBM UBC

    14th December 2016

    After taking over a tech company in the IBM University Business Challenge simulation for the past 6 weeks, I am proud to announce that our team reached the semi-final stage (Round 2 - March, 2017).

    Long story short:

    A company that was having a profit of £600,000, loans of £12,000,000, shortage of cash and sold less than half of the previews lot, under our management reached a point when: The profit for the last trading period was £6,000,000+, total loan dropped to £2,000,000, the production capacity increased by 50% and the company is selling on average 85%+ of every lot. Proving once again that Westminster Business School means business.

  • Article published by the City Hall about meeting the Mayor

    29th November 2016

    The interns’ role is to ensure students across London know about the competition. They also help shape the competition so that it continues to support students taking their first step towards becoming entrepreneurs.

  • Article published by the Career Development Centre - Spotlight on Entrepreneurship

    18th November 2016

    "We’ve been soaking up all things entrepreneurial here at the CDC this week as we celebrate the final day of Global Entrepreneur Week 2016. Today, wrapping up the thread of Westminster Entrepreneurs, we hear from one of last year’s finalists of the Mayor of London Entrepreneur competition and the Hult Prize – Dennis G. Lucan...."

  • Featured in The 125 Fund video

    31st October 2016

    It has been a pleasure to support the Alumni Department of University of Westminster in the creation of the "125 Fund" promotional video. Check out the video and find out what it is all about.

  • Invited at the Sir Simon Milton Foundation Gala Dinner

    19th October 2016

    I have been formally invited by LandSecurities at the Gala Dinner in aid of the Sir Simon Milton Foundation. I am one of the youngest attendees that this black tie event had. Had the pleasure to meet and share the table with Lady Sorrell, the Chancellor of the University of Westminster. She has such an outstanding personality, always willing to help people in need and she is one of the most successful businesswomen in Britain.

  • Meeting the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan

    19th October 2016

    It was an honour to meet Mr Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, and discuss about how we can make London better. Proud to be part of the team developing Mayor's Entrepreneur 2017 competition.

  • Appointed one of Mayor's Entrepreneur interns

    11th September 2016

    Over the next 6 months I will be working in the Environment Unit, Development, Enterprise and Environment Directorate with the best from the Mayor's Office to improve the use and reuse of energy in London.

  • Appointed SuperFan for the Great Start Project

    9th September 2016

    Returning to the Great Start Project this year as a SuperFan, managing 50+ students over the induction week.

  • Participating in the IBM University Business Challenge

    1st September 2016

    Leading a team of 4 in the University Business Challenge competition.

  • Spoke at the Talent Bank community event

    4th August 2016

    The University of Westminster’s Talent Bank team held its first community event encouraging students, staff and professional speakers to network with one another.

  • Appointed Project Officer at Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC

    1st July 2016

    I joined the major project of Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College in an incipient phase, being directly involved in the early development of a large size organisation. As part of my role, I am liaising with 9 partners from the industry (Land Securities, Network Rail, Transport for London, Colas Rail, Sir Robert McAlpine, Alstom, Sir Simon Milton Foundation, Westminster City Council and University of Westminster) and successfully managed their interactive open evening events (10+).

  • BBC Interview about Brexit

    29th June 2016

    Given my opinion on Brexit and its impact on EU students in an interview for the BBC that aired on 19th June as part of the BBC World Service Newsday programme.

  • 3rd Place at Westminster Big Business Ideas Competition

    8th June 2016

    Students and alumni were invited to attend the event to network and see the most creative and innovative business concepts of their friends and peers. Attendees also had the opportunity to judge the contestants’ ideas and vote to help the organisers decide who should win up to £2,000 for their startup. Competition was fierce as the business concept with most votes was fast-tracked to the NACUE Varsity Pitch Competition 2016 semi-final, with an opportunity to pitch for £10,000.

    Business Management - Entrepreneurship BA Honours student Dennis G. Lucan was runner up with Mush+. The business was also a finalist in the Mayor of London's Low Carbon Entrepreneur competition and of the Hult Prize International.

  • Article published after the Low Carbon Entrepreneur Competition

    21st March 2016

    "Mush+ formed by Dennis G. Lucan, Radu Alexandru Ionescu and Khaled Mansour from Westminster Business School teamed up with Andrei Razvan Laslo from the Faculty of Science and Technology to bring a an innovative solution to reuse coffee waste and turn it into bio products like edible and medicinal mushrooms and healthcare products.

  • Mayor of London's Low Carbon Entrepreneur Final

    15th March 2016

    Even if we did not win today, we are definitely winners just through the fact that we managed to get into 2 finals at the same time (Hult Prize and Low Carbon Entrepreneur). Taking into account the interest that our company generated and the whole "army" of people that are willing to help (Citi Group, NACUE, Bio-Bean, University of Westminster and Coffee companies), Mush+ is going forward. We hope to make it real in the close future! Many thanks to everyone that supported us so far and stay tuned for more updates as we push this project forward.

  • Bill Clinton's Hult Prize International

    12th March 2016

    One of the best experiences I have had so far. Had the chance to meet a considerable number of inspiring people and to get great feedback for Mush+.

  • Article published about Low Carbon Entrepreneur Competition

    8th March 2016

    "Five students in team Mush+ from Westminster Business School and the Faculty of Science and Technology will be heading to the finals of the Mayor of London's Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2016 competition. Run by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, the aim of the competition is to find innovative ideas to cut carbon emissions. This year, two out of the nine teams from the University of Westminster have made it through to the final with their emission-cutting ideas."

  • Article published about Hult Prize regional final

    7th March 2016

    "Fancy winning $1 million to change the world? Well four of our Westminster students are working on doing just that. Business School alumnus Khaled and students Dennis and Radu have teamed up with Andrei, a second year Computer Science student to take on this year’s Hult Prize challenge “Global Urban Spaces”. Hugely competitive and taking only the very best ideas and students from universities worldwide, the Westminster team will be up against the likes of Oxford and Cambridge in this year’s semi-finals."

  • Quoted in an article about the Student Enterprise Conference

    4th March 2016

    "You can tell that you are in the right place when you find yourself surrounded by passionate people sharing the same views as you. For me, the NACUE Student Enterprise Conference represented a vibrant experience from which I had so much to learn. I had the pleasure to meet a considerable number of Westminster students there and also worked with new people and created the base for possible future partnerships."

  • Attended the Student Enterprise Conference

    20th February 2016

    Amazing experience to build up long lasting networks. Today (23rd September 2017) I am working closely with Ionut Grigorescu and we have met on this exact day.

  • Award nomination for contributions to The Great Start Project

    19th February 2016

    Words cannot describe how great the Great Start Project is for new students joining the University of Westminster.

  • Featured in The Great Start Project video

    25th January 2016

  • Appointed Student Engagement Lead

    8th November 2015

    "The six Student Engagement Leads (SELs) work as a team to tell fellow students about the work that Learning Futures is doing to improve their experience at Westminster. They consult with and encourage other students to share their views and ideas, and act as a key point of contact about Learning Futures for students. They facilitate an effective two-way communication process between the Learning Futures programme, faculties, Students' Union and students. They also contribute to the development of a learning environment where students and staff work collaboratively to enhance the learning experience at Westminster."

  • Appointed FAN (Friend of Arriving New Students)

    9th June 2015

    I was selected to be a FAN for new students representing Business Management within the framework of the "Great Start Project" developed by University of Westminster. During this time, I met my current business partner, Sash Onufriev.

  • Started working at ZARA

    7th November 2014

  • Started studying at the University of Westminster

    15th September 2014


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I started pacticing in 2010 as a hobby and gradually progressed until I became an athlete of the sport, participating in national competitions.

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7th - "At the enterprise" - 7th April 2011

3rd "SainCup" 4th June 2011

4th "Bucovina Extreme Battle" 2nd July 2011

1st "Open X" 27th August 2011

4th "Colibita BikeFest" 3rd September 2011

10th "TrialJam 9" 17th September 2010

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